28 de mar de 2008

Gondono Nitsuyobi (This Sunday)

Gondono Nitsuyobi (Japan)

The pop singer Youn Ha will star as the heroine of Japanese movie Gondono Nitsuyobi (This Sunday), a drama directed by Genmochi Satoki.

Youn Ha plays the role of a Korean student in Japan who, while juggling various part-time jobs, becomes involved with a mysterious man, starring Somegoro Ichikawa (Welcome Mr. McDonald, April Story) a renowned movie star. She will be delivering lines in both Korean and Japanese!
The film is currently going into production in Nagano, Japan. The cast and crew plan to move the shooting location to Korea at the end of the month.
The director was quoted as saying: “It's a story about two people communicating and sharing perspectives, overcoming national, generational and gender differences,'' The film depicts humanity through humorous situations, times of woe and warm friendships.''

(source: Korea Times)

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