23 de mar de 2006

Á La Vertícale De Lété (Vietnam) / Yi Yi (Taiwan)

My DVD Collection

Mua he chieu thang dung (Á La Vertícale De Lété)
(DVD/ Vietnam, France/ 112 min./ 2000)
Director and Screenwriter: Tran Anh HungActors: Tran Nu Yen-Khe, Nhu Quynh Nguyen, Le khanh, Quang Hai Ngo, Chu Hung, Manh Cuong Tran, Le Tuan Anh, Ngoc Dung Le.

Yi Yi (DVD/ Taiwan, Japan/ 173 min./ 2000)
Director and Screenwriter: Edward Yang
Actors: Nianzhen Wu, Issey Ogata, Elaine Jin, Kelly Lee, Jonathan Chang.
“Yi Yi” won the awards of best film (National Society of Film Critics of the EUA) and best director (Cannes Film Festival).

19 de mar de 2006

Dragon Tiger Gate News

The website for Dragon Tiger Gate is now online with a short teaser available.
Visit the official site at http://www.dragontigergatemovie.com/main.html

The $10 million action flick, from director Wilson Yip (SPL), is adapted from Hong Kong cult comic book The Gate of Dragon and Tiger and is scheduled for a Summer 2006 release date in Hong Kong.

The film stars Donnie Yen (Seven Swords), Nicholas Tse (A Chinese Tall Story) and Shawn Yue (Initial D), with art direction by William Chang (2046).

17 de mar de 2006

Mew "Wherever" Single

Music Notes

“Wherever” By Mew

Book: Easy Riders, Raging Bulls

My Library

I´m currently reading (again) ”Easy Riders, Raging Bulls” how the sex-drugs-and rock´n´roll generation saved Hollywood, by Peter Biskind (Simon & Shuster Ed., 1998). The book tells the story of the last golden days of Hollywood, when Spielberg, Coppola and Lucas created the blockbuster cinema, changing the movie bussiness forever. It´s a very funny material, interviews with all the Hollywood people in the 70´s, onscreen and off.
Now, there´s a documentary of 2003 about the book. But many of the subjects profiled in author Peter Biskind's book, including directors Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Robert Altman, and William Friedken all declined interviews for the documentary. So, better read the book!

16 de mar de 2006


paradise now
this is why I couldn´t write last month. too busy at paradise. It was like beeing at the Lost island, without the invisible monsters :-) (by the way, this Lost story reminds me so much of the Shakespeare´s play The Tempest).
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