27 de jul de 2008

The X-Files: I Want To Believe

The X-Files 2


If you are a fan of the X-files tv series, don´t miss the new film. I did watch it yesterday, and it is great to see Mulder and Scully together again! The chemistry between the lead actors still shows on the screen, and if the film has the feel of a longer TV episode, we hope someday they´ll give Chris Carter real cash (to make a great film with $35 mil? only if you are a Korean movie director) to make a bigger adventure, and make happy the CGI fans.

official homepage: http://www.xfiles.com
read more at: http://www.xfilesnews.com/

16 de jul de 2008

The Divine Weapon (South Korea)

The Divine Weapon / Sin-ji-jeon (South Korea, 2008)

"Choseon, 1448. The King Sae Jong wants to make his land independent with a newly and secretly developed rocket. However, he must fight against those who won't let him succeed to free the people."

With Jeong Jae-young (Silmido, 2003), Ahn Seong-gi and Heo Joon-ho, Han Eun-jeong.

1 de jul de 2008

45th Daejong Film Awards

The 45th Daejong Film Awards (Grand Bell Awards), June 2008

The Winners

Best Picture:The Chaser
Best Director: Na Hong Jin
Best Screenplay: Kim Soo Jin; Yoon In Bum
Best Actor; BMW Popularity Award: Kim Yoon Suk

Best Actress: Kim Yoon Jin (Seven Days)
Best Supporting Actor: Yoo Jun Sang (Return)
Best Supporting Actress: Kim Hye Suk (Open City)
New Actor: Daniel Henney (My Father)
New Actress; Korea.com Popularity Award: Han Ye Seul (Gold Digger, Miss Shin)
Hallyu Popularity Best Picture: Ba:bo
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