28 de mar de 2008

Choi Min-soo in America!

South Korean actor Choi Min-soo (Sword of the Moon) is to co-star with american stars Robert De Niro and Andy Garcia (as mafia bosses) in a blockbuster titled Street of Dreams.
Street of Dreams is based on the true story about the first Japanese-American mobster Montana Joe, in the 1960s New York City. Choi Min-soo is to play the role of Montana Joe’s Korean friend, Eddie, and will be his first Hollywood movie.

The filming is to start this winter and the movie will be released worldwide in summer of 2009. The producers are searching a japanese actor for the leading role. My vote goes to Takashi Sorimachi!

Street of Dreams (US, Japan, S. Korea, 2009)
Director: Raymond De Felitta (Bronx Cheer)
Screenwriter: Roger Towne (Chinatown)
Productor: Fred Roos (The Godfather: Part II and III), a 40 million dollar co-production between U.S.-based FR Productions, Korea’s Hyun Jin Cinema, and Japan’s Wides Japan.
Cast: Choi Min-soo, Shu Qi, Robert De Niro, Andy Garcia.
[Source: Yonhap News.]

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