2 de set de 2007

Johnnie To´s Trilogy

Johnnie To to film trilogy thriller - NEWS

Johnnie To´s next project will be a trilogy thriller based on the popular online novel Ghost Blows Out the Light.

The Shanghai-based Meridian Pictures Group will produce the movie. To was invited to supervise the shooting of the trilogy, and will choose to direct one of the three pieces. The screenplay hasn't been finished yet.
Chinese film director Zhang Yibai, with award-winning work, The Longest Night in Shanghai, is back to his hometown of Chongqing in southwestern China, shooting a star-studded new film. The film, titled Shao Nian or The Boy, its cast members
including new comer, Tan Jianci, as the leading role, while other performers will be top actors from Hong Kong, including Eason Chan, Eric Tsang, Karen Mok, and mainland actress Jiang Wenli.

Zhang Yibai's romantic feature The Longest Night in Shanghai, starring Chinese actress Zhao Wei and Japanese actor Masahiro Motoki, won the Press Prize at this year's Shanghai International Film Festival.

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