30 de set de 2007

The Forbidden Kingdom

Chan and Li throw “rotten tomatoes” at The Forbidden Kingdom

Actor Jackie Chan have been talking abou the new Hollywood action movie he shot with Jet Li, saing honestly that "isn't great". And Jet Li said in his blog that fans should not have overly high expectations for the film.

The Forbidden Kingdom, which finished shooting in China last month, has been anticipated because it´s the first collaboration between the two chinese stars.
They have been playing down the film's potential appeal to Chinese viewers, saying it is targeted at a U.S. audience.

The Web site 'Xinhua News Agency' quoted Chan as saying, "The movie I just shot with Jet Li, actually isn't that great.", is a movie made for Americans. Chinese viewers may not like it. If I say it's a good movie now, then many people will be filled with overly high expectations and be disappointed when they see the movie."

Before shooting on The Forbidden Kingdom started, he told reporters, "I don't have any expectations. It's just making an American movie."
"I believe the world is anticipating the movie, but I'm not too involved," Chan also said at the time.

Separately, Li made similar remarks, seen on Li's Web site, "I hope everyone uses an open mind to watch The Forbidden Kingdom and not invest too much expectation into my fight scenes with Jackie Chan," he said.

The Forbidden Kingdom is about an American teenager's fantasy journey to ancient China to rescue a mythological monkey king. Based on the classic Chinese novel "Journey to the West," in which a monkey king, a pig and a friar guard a Buddhist monk in search of religious texts. "After all, this is a story about an American child's dream 'Journey to the West' created by American producers and American scriptwriters. We may have to look at many elements in the movie from a different angle. " Li plays the monkey king and a silent monk, while Chan plays another monk called T'sa-Ho.

Well, I´m pretty sure the Chan-Li fans (the people that enjoy their Chinese movies, not his mediocre American adventures) outside Asia are antecipating the film, and the two stars know that, and nobody had forced them into this project. They are powerful enough to do a decent job, in China or America, if it was their true wish. Just be hotesty and say “I´m in it for the money”, guys! They should do a Chinese comedy alla “The Odd Couple”. That would be funny!

Director: Rob Minkoff
Writer:John Fusco
Release Date:18 April 2008 (USA)

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