29 de nov de 2006

Andy Lau (Chinese Actor)

Three Times Andy LauIf you seek the word “workaholic” at the dictionary, you´ll see Andy lau´s picture in there! I´m tired only by reading all the thing this guy does...maybe he has a secret twin brother or something?!

One: Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau has planed to finance a remake of "Five Venoms", by late martial-art film director Chang Cheh. The cast will probably include Edison Chen, Maggie Q and Lau himself, the film will be shot in english (?) with director Kirk Wong. Released in 1978, the original "Five Venoms" tells that a young kung-fu protege is ordered by his dying master to eliminate the evil ones among five of his previous proteges, known as the Five Venoms. Each of the Five Venoms has a lethal skill learned from a toxic animal. The young protege have to find and team up with the good one among the Five Venoms, to defeat the evil ones. Shooting would begin right after the Chinese New Year next spring.

Two: “Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon”, a US$25 million budgeted movie by Mainland China and Korea will narrate the story of general Zhao Yun's life story, and the role will be taken up by Andy Lau. Other actors includ: Sammo Hung as martial arts director, also will play Zhang Fei caracter; Maggie Q as Cao Cao's grand-daughter Cao Yin, and the lover of Zhao Yun and finally, Zhou Yu will be played by Leon Lai.The movie, directed by Daniel Lee, will start shooting in March 2007.

"Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon" is a dramatic chronicle of Chinese history from 184 to 280 AD, during which China split into three kingdoms: the Wei, Shu and Wu.Three:"Protégé” : In this action thriller, Andy Lau plays drug lord Jong who portrays himself as a businessman. His pregnant wife (Anita Yuen) does not know about his illegal drug business. Nick (Daniel Wu) is an undercover officer who has spent the last eight years penetrating the core of Jong’s drug sales ring and is working his way up to be Jong’s closest aide and “protégé”. Meanwhile, Louis Koo and Zhang Jingchu (as Jane) play husband and wife and are both linked with the drug business, with Jane herself being a drug addict. Louis Koo plays a drug trader and a heartless husband who even uses their 3-year old daughter in traficking drugs. In her struggle to quit drugs, Jane is entangled in an affair with both Jong and Nick.

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