24 de nov de 2006

Chinese Movie Directors

New projects from awarded directors

Wang Xiaoshuai, 40, is one of the most active figure among China's Sixth Generation Directors. His latest film, Shanghai Dreams won the Grand Jury Prize at last year's Cannes Film Festival. The director’s new project is titled Zuo You (Left Right).
Inspired by a true story, Left Right is about a divorced couple that discover their daughter is about to die from blood cancer. They have to born another child together and use the baby's umbilical cord blood to save their daughter. But they have already happily remarried. The cast includes Zhang Jiayi, Liu Weiwei, Yu Nan, Tian Yuan and Cheng Taishen. The is being shoot in Beijing, and the production studio has planned to premiere the film at the coming Cannes Film Festival in May next year.

Chinese director Jia Zhangke’s (winner of the Venice Film Festival for Still Life) next project will be The Age of Tattoo. Based on the novel by Su Tong (Raise the Red Lanterns), is the story of a group of street kids in the final years of the Culture Revolution (1966 -1976), during which China was in chaotic social and political unrest.
The director says: "This time I want to do a movie with strong dramatic conflicts, in a new way," Jia told The Beijing News, "fight scenes might show up for the first time (in my movies), but (the actors) would not fly around. It will only be like fighting among hooligans, with bricks and cooking knives."

Apple is another film from young director Li Yu after movie Dam Street, which won her several awards abroad. This movie tells about the bizarre relationships and conflicts between two couples. The idea for the film was created by Li Yu and producer Fang Li, aiming to shed light on ethical conflicts caused by differences between social status levels. Chinese mainland actress Fan Bingbing and actor Tong Dawei play the poor couple who struggle at the bottom of the social status ladder. Hong Kong Golden Awards Best Actor Leung Kar-Fei joined the film as the husband in another couple, who is also Fan Bingbing's character’s boss.

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