27 de nov de 2006

Asian Cine News

In Production:

Hong Kong star Stephen Chow upcoming movie "A Hope" (Chang Jiang Yi Hao), is currently been shooted in Ningbo, Zhejiang province. In the film, Stephen Chow plays a poor father who can't afford a toy for his son. He then decided to pick one out from the garbage, and the toy turns out to be from outer space, sending him off on an incredible adventure. "A Hope" is expected to be released in China next summer. (A)

"Diary" is a psychological thriller about the mental struggles of a girl (Charlene Choi, from the HK pop duo Twins) who creates her own realities in her diary. The movie also stars Shawn Yue (Initial D), as Choi’s boyfriend Ray, and Isabella Pang. Directed by Oxide Pang (The Eye, Re-cycle), Diary was filmed entirely in a house in Thailand. (B)

"Blood Vampire" is the live-action english-language remake of the hit Japanese animated film,staring South Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun ("Il Mare"), and will be directed by Ronnie Yu “Fearless")The $30 million production from Hong Kong boss Bill Kong and France's Pathe Entertainment is in preproduction. The live-action film is based on the Oshii Mamoru anime hit about Saya (Jun), a vampire employed by the U.S. government to hunt demons in post-World War II Japan. (C)

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