31 de ago de 2007

Jet Li News

- Director Peter Chan´s new movie The Warlord tells the story of brotherly betrayal, revenge and murder set in China riven by civil war in 1860. Featuring three of Asia's hottest male leads Andy Lau, Jet Li and Takeshi Kaneshiro, and rising mainland actress Xu Jinglei.

"It’s a heroic tale of three blood brothers and their struggle in the midst of war and political upheaval. It is based on “The Assassination of Ma,” a Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) story about the killing of general Ma Xinyi." The film is scheduled to hit Asia at December 2007.

The story isn´t new and has been filmed several times. One notable version was Hong Kong director Chang Chek's Ci Ma or The Blood Brothers in 1973.
official website: http://www.warlordsthemovie.com/

I´m the Mummy
- Actress Michelle Yeoh and action star Jet Li will star in the third episode of "The Mummy" series, Mummy: Curse of the Dragon. Yeoh will play a wizard, and Li plays the mummy guy. In this episode, the mummy is China's first Emperor of Qin, a shape-shifting entity who was cursed by the wizard centuries ago. However, the wizard will try her best to defeat the mummy and his troops, who were unearthed by a father and son. Actor Brendon Fraser is back as the american hero, with Maria Bello and Isabella Leung as co-stars.

Jet Li and Jackie Chan´s KingdomAction stars Jet Li and Jackie Chan are worried they are too old to pull off fight scenes, and are warning audiences not to get their hopes up about their new film.Li, 44, and Chan, 53, are starring together in The Forbidden Kingdom, marking the first time the martial arts legends have been paired up for a movie. Li says, "When Jackie Chan and I first wanted to work together 15 years ago, our passion was at its peak. "Our desire to succeed was very strong. Now we joke that when we watch the The Forbidden Kingdom our combined age is 100.”

- A Westernized take on the classic "Journey to the West" tale, the new version is about an American teenager (Michael Angarano) discovers a staff which transports him to ancient China where he joins in a quest to return the staff to the Monkey King. Jet Li plays the dual role of the Monkey King and Silent Monk while Jackie Chan will play a kung fu master named Lu Yan. Forbidden Kingdom is directed by Rob Minkoff (Stuart Little) for a 2008 release; the film also stars Collin Chou, Li Bingbing, and Liu Yifei. Yuen Woo-ping will choreograph all the action.
more at: http://www.jetliuk.com/ and and http://http://www.alivenotdead.com/


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