15 de jun de 2007

Shim Hye-jin (Korean Actress)

Shim Hye-jin´s Biography

Born in January 16, 1967, is one of the most visible stars of the 1990's, having starred in many of the highlight films of the decade. It was her second film, Park Kwang-su's Black Republic (1990), that initially brought her widespread acclaim. Her performance as a woman in a mining community who falls in love with a student activist won her a Best Actress Award at the 1992 Nantes International Film Festival. However her appearance in Kim Ui-seok's Marriage Story (1992) made her into an icon for young generation Korean women.

Shim would also star in other representative films of that era, such as White Badge (1992), To the Starry Island (1993), and Out to the World (1994).

After appearing in box office hit, Kang Je-gyu's The Gingko Bed (1996), she teamed up with director Lee Chang-dong for his acclaimed debut Green Fish (1997). In 2003, she made her return with a lead role in Acacia (2003), a horror film by Park Ki-hyung. After finding some additional success in TV dramas, she returns with a role in Over the Border (2006) as a woman who marries a North Korean defector.

More: Bedroom and Courtroom (1998); The Man with Flowers (1997); Park vs. Park (1996); Marriage Story 2 (1995).

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