29 de jun de 2007

Speed Racer, the Movie

Go Speed Racer, Go!

"Speed Racer" starts shooting in Germany

Director brothers, Larry and Andy Wachowski (Matrix trilogy) have started filming Hollywood live-action blockbuster "Speed Racer” - (to be released in May 2008).
Called "Mach Go Go" in Japan, was produced and created by Tatsuo Yoshida and released worldwide in 1967–1968.

"Speed Racer was the story of Speed, an 18 year old racing driver and his adventures on and off the track. On his helmet was printed M, originally standing for "Go Mifune" his original Japanese name. His girlfriend was Trixie, his younger brother Spritle, and Spritle's pet monkey was named Chim Chim. Speed's mechanic and best friend was Sparky. Speed's older brother was Rex, who also played Racer X- a masked racer with even Speed not knowing his real identity, and was an undercover agent. He had left home years ago and none of his family had seen him since.

Speed's car was known as the Mach 5. It was designed and built by his father "Pops" and was equipped with incredible features, operated by 7 buttons on the steering wheel."

The Cast

The film stars Emile Hirsch in the leading role of Speed, with Christina Ricci as his girlfriend, Susan Sarandon and John Goodman as Speed´s parents.

“Lost” star Matthew Fox is the Racer X.

Korean singer/actor Rain (Jeong Ji-hoon) will play a rival driver, and chinese actress Yu Nan ("Tuya's Marriage") will be his sister.

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