26 de jun de 2008

My Mighty Princess (South Korea)

My Mighty Princess

The director Kwak Jae-yong, responsible for the hit My Sassy Girl, is back with another romantic comedy, My Mighty Princess, after a delay of more than two years.
The film will be released in S. Korea on June 26.
At a press conference held in Apgujeong-dong, Director Kwak commented:
"All the cast members signed on to the project because they counted on me, but they have been deceived. When I showed my screenplay to them, I told them all the wire action scenes would be done by doubles or stunts, but in fact the actors had to do all the wire actions themselves...The film is concerned about bright aspects - action, conflict, rather than emotions. The entertainment aspect plays a central part, so please just enjoy the show," Kwak said.

Cast: Shin Min-a (Volcano High) plays So-hui, a martial arts prodigy; On Ju-wan is her love interest Il-young.
(source: heraldm.com)

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