23 de abr de 2008

Bong Joon-ho’s "Mother"

''I want to make the saddest yet most beautiful crime drama ever," Bong said. "At the center of this story is a small and weak mother who stands alone, a woman so determined that she can't even stop herself.''

Movie: Mother (S. Korea, 2009)
Starring: the return of veteran actress KIM Hye-ja to the big screen, actor Won Bin, in his first film since Taegukgi, and My Brother.
Production: Barunson Film Division, Choi Jae-won and Seo Woo-sik.

The film is expected to start shooting this Fall on a budget of US$5 million.
Screenwriters: Bong Joon-ho and Park Eun-kyo.
The plot: the story centers on a shy, awkward young man (Won Bin) framed as the perpetrator in a brutal slaying. His devoted and determined mother (Kim Hye-ja) pits herself against incompetence and corruption in the police and legal system as she sets out to uncover the truth and prove his son’s innocence.
(source: Korean Film Council)
Bong Joon-ho´s films: Memories of Murder (2003), The Host (2006); Tokyo (a Korea-France-Japan joint production)

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