13 de fev de 2008

Director Park Chan-wook´s Vampire Movie

Acclaimed director Park Chan-wook has chosen Kim Ok-bin as the star of his next film Evil Live.
The spotlight had been on just who the female star would be. The part involves many adult scenes alongside male hearthrob Song Kang-ho, who claimed the main role in the international hit film The Host.

"Evil Live" or "Bakjwi" in Korean is a melo-horror film of a human-turned-vampire's affair with a married woman.

(we hope to see Song Kang-ho playing a sexy vampire!)

Director Park, known for his award-winning film Old Boy and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, says he chose Kim for her unique talents that allow her to assume a vast range of characters.
Shooting will begin in March.
source: http://bit.ly/97Srtu, from Arirang News.

p.s.: Song Kang-ho worked in Park Chan-wook´s Mr. Vengeance and in JSA.
read his profile at: http://bit.ly/dzVw96

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