4 de nov de 2007

The Golden Rooster Awards

The Golden Rooster Awards and the Hundred Flowers Awards, founded in 1981 and 1962 respectively, have long been the top honours among China's film industry. In 1992, the two combined into the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival, an annual celebration known as China's Oscars.

WINNERS: The 16th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival (Suzhou, China)

Best Film: The Knot

Best Director: Yin Li (The Knot) and Qi Jian (The Forest Ranger)
Screenplay: Zhang Sitao, Tang Hao, Zhang Chi. Hu Kun (Tokyo Trial)
Cinematography: Zeng Nianping (The Door)
Art Direction: Yi Zhenzhou (A Battle of Wits)

Best Actress: Carina Lau (Curiosity Kills the Cat), and Yan Bingyan (Teeth of Love)

Best Actor: Fu Dalong (Tian Gou, The Forest Ranger)

Supporting Actor: Wang Ying (My Long March)Supporting Actress: Xiangyu Junior (One Foot Off the Ground)Sound: Zheng Chunyu (The Knot)
Music: Shu Nan (A Postman of Paradise)
Special Award: My Long March

Best Animation: The Warrior

Children’s Film: The Magic Gourd
Lifetime Achievement Awards: Zhang Ruifang (actress) and Lu Zhuguo (screenwriter)
Intl. film: The White Silk Dress (Ao lua ha dong)
UNESCO Special Culture Contribution Prize: Liu Cheng
Documentary: A Great Master Recaptured
Science and Educational Film: Yuan Ming Yuan
Digital Film: The King of Chess and His Song

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