31 de out de 2007

Halloween Movies: Old x New

Halloween Movies: Old x New Generation, what´s your choice?

1. Kubrick´s The Shining x Shimizo´s Reincarnation: one hotel, one crazy guy wants to chop his family.

2. Dracula x Bekmambetov´s Night Watch (RU) it´s like Trainspotting on fangs.

3. Cunningham´s Friday The 13th x Craven´s Scream, lessons on classic teen horror..and I´ll be right back.

4. Scott´s Alien x Kasdan´s Dreamcatcher, on how too give birth to an alien.

5. Seven x Zodiac: double date with David Fincher, both very good, but I´ll stay with Bong Joon-ho´s Memories of Murder.

6. John Landis´s An American Werewolf In London x Wiseman´s Underworld: what can I say?, stay with the classic!

7. Raimi´s The Evil Dead 2 x John Landis´s The Idle Hand: Naughty hands, indeed!

8. Hitchcock´s Psycho x Demmes´s Silence of the Lambs, or Anthony Perkins versus Anthony Hopkins.

9. Romero´s Night of the Living Dead x Boyle´s 28 Days Later: They stink and they´re funny.

10. Hooper´s Poltergeist x Verbinski´s The Ring: Don´t watch too much TV!

11. David Lynch´s Mulholland Drive x Andrea and Canepa´s Dead End: Lynch´s school of horror.

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