9 de nov de 2005

Book: The Moonstone

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“One of the wildest of the Palace of Seringapatam related to a Yellow Diamond – a famous gem in the nativa annals of India. The earliest Known traditions describe the stone as having been set in the forehead of the four-handed Indian god who typifies the Moon. Partly from its peculiar colour, partly from a superstition whitch represented it as feeling the influence of the deity whom it adorned, and growing and lessening in lustre with the waxing and waning of the moon, it first gained the name by whitch it continues to be known in India to this day – the name of THE MOONSTONE”.

The Moonstone, a large, beautiful yet fated diamond, was stolen from an Indian shrine. It is given to Rachel Verinder on her eighteenth birthday and, that same night, stolen again. Sergeant Cuff is employed by Rachel´s mother to find the precious stone and has no shortage of suspects. By turns, those on the periphery and at the heart of the mistery tell their version of the events until all is unravelled at the unexpected conclusion.
(A classic detective novel by Wilkie Collins (1871)/ Penguin Books).

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